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Unit History

History of Signals in Toronto

1907 – 1st military signals unit was formed as 2nd Signalling Company
1924 – Secured its own armoury, a 6-storey office building at 185 Spadina Ave
1926 – The first band was formed; the only band or formation in Canada still wearing the traditional dress uniform of The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
1930 – 2nd Signalling Battalion became 2nd Divisional Signals and A Corp Signals
1947 – Non-Permanent Army Militia became Canadian Army Reserve
1950 – Due to re-organization, 2 separate Signal units were formed: 2nd Signal Regiment and 8th Signal Regiment
1965 – 2nd and 8th Signal Regiments amalgamated into one and called “The Toronto Signal Regiment”
1966 – Moved to Fort York Armoury on Fleet Street

709 (Toronto) Communication Regiment was formed in 1970 from The Toronto Signal Regiment when it became part of the Canadian Forces Communication Command. 
Resulting from a major restructuring of the army which began in 1987, in April 2012, the unit became part of 32 Canadian Brigade Group (CBG).   709 Comm Regt became the Toronto Squadron of 32 Signal Regiment.
The Regiment was granted The Freedom of the City of Toronto in 1978 and 1987.



The roman numerals in the unit crest represent 2 and 8 Signal Regiments from which was formed Toronto Signals Regiment and subsequently, 709 Comm Regt was formed.



700 Communications Squadron was originally formed in November 1962 as a Filter Centre for the Militia Canadian Women Army Corps. The parent unit was 402 Ordinance Battalion. In 1966 the unit was transferred to the Grey and Simcoe Foresters. A year later it was transferred to the Queen's York Rangers as B Squadron. In 1969 the unit became a troop of the newly formed 709 Toronto Communication Regiment. In 1973 the first male recruit was enrolled in the unit. Finally, on 1 April 1974 700 Communications Squadron was officially formed. Its mandate was to provide augmentation to CFCC and LFC taskings. 700 and 706 Communication Squadrons were amalgamated on 29 October 1993. The new unit retained the 706 Communications Squadron title.
In April 2012, 700 Comm Sqn became the Borden Squadron of 32 Signal Regiment.


32 Canadian Brigade Group (32CBG) is part of Land Force Central Area, under the Canadian Army. It is centred around the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Grey and Simcoe Counties.