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32 Signal Regiment Advisory Council


The aim of the Regimental Advisory Council of 32 Signal Regiment is to assist the Regiment and its associated units (Cadets, Band) through advice and support to the commanding officer. The Council also raises money to benefit activities and projects of the Regiment which are not supported by funds from the Canadian Forces. For example, the Council provides scholarships for members enrolled in post-secondary education, pays for ceremonial items for the Regiment and supports this website and the regimental newsletter "The Communicator".
The Council is made up of the current and former Commanding Officers, Honorary Colonels and Honorary Lieutenant Colonels of the Regiment, as well as retired members who wish to continue to assist the Regiment.



Honourary Colonel Jim Leech

Honorary Colonel Jim Leech, BSC, MBA, ICD.D was appointed Honorary Colonel of 32 Signal Regiment in April 2014.
Honorary Colonel Leech was a graduate of the Royal Military College, attaining the rank of Captain before leaving the Canadian Armed Forces. Honorary Colonel Leech's family has a long military history. His father, uncle and brother were senior regular force career officers.
After a 40-year business career in the financial, energy and high tech industries, he recently retired as the President and CEO of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. He has lived and worked in most provinces in Canada.
Honorary Colonel Leech will be installed as the Chancellor at Queen's University in June 2014. He is also the Chair of the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation and also serves on the MasterCard Foundation Board.
Honorary Colonel Leech is married to Deborah Barrett.


Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Ken Lloyd, CD, MA

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Lloyd is a Veteran of the British and Canadian Armed Forces. He is the President of the Hamilton Signals Association and, over the past five years, under his leadership, the association has developed into a caring, nurturing, and supporting organization for Veterans, young and old, and youth.
LCol Lloyd’s service with the Canadian Armed Forces included three years in charge of a Dispute Resolution Centre. The knowledge he gained in this position has helped him to establish expert contacts for the Association who are able to advise older and current Veterans, medically released members, and families of Veterans in their queries and difficulties with transitioning out of the military family. He was also a driving force behind a welcome package that is presented to returning reservists, thanking them for their service, introducing them to an association contact, and outlining assistance the Association can offer for their reintegration. Through LCol Lloyd’s guidance, the Association has proven instrumental in helping Veterans and their families seek out the support and social services they require. LCol Lloyd also founded a program within the Association to ensure that deserving members get recognized for their sacrifice and are able to attend significant commemorative events. His leadership has led to the evolution of the Association’s commemorative outreach, including the mobile exhibition, which travels to many commemorative events and schools. He and association members also dress in period clothing at events and teach younger generations the role that signallers and linemen played during Canada’s major conflicts.



Lieutenant-Colonel Dan Bergergon, CD

Lieutenant-Colonel Dan Bergeron has served 39 years in the Canadian Armed Forces of which 27 years were with the Regular Force. Prior to joining 32 Signal Regiment, LCol Bergeron was the C&E Branch Adjutant and he was overseeing the Kingston Garrison Volunteer Band. He was also the former Commanding Officer of 772 EW Squadron.
LCol Bergeron commissioned from the ranks in 1989 from the rank of PO2, as a Comm Rsch Operator 291er (3 tours of CFS Alert). He has been a Troop Commander at 1 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn, Calgary, Battalion Signals Officer at 1 Svc Bn, Calgary, Operations Officer of CANLOGBAT in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia back in 1995 under the UNPROFOR mission, called OP MANDARIN,  Adjt at 79 Comm Regt, Sqn Commander at CFSCE as well as Ops O/Plans O. In his last role in the Regular Force, he was the G3 Training at DIMOS, overseeing all of the Comm Reserve Training/Budget.
LCol Bergeron was promoted to his current rank and appointed Commanding Officer of 32 Signal Regiment on 5 January 2015.
LCol Bergeron works and resides in Kingston with his wife Shirlie.